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Umbrella Storm

College Park, MD: Student Trainee (Archival Science) Intern - 2 Openings, NARA - reposted

NOTE: USAjobs has re-posted both of the the student internships that I originally linked to on November 6th. If you applied for either of those internships, you must re-apply now.

Student Intern Program: This position is being filled under the new Pathways – Internship Program which provides opportunities for high school, vocational and technical, undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to be exposed to the work of the Federal government. Students may be promoted up to the GS-1499-07 level while in the Intern program, and students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for conversion to a permanent job in the civil service, up to grade GS-12 depending on the requirements of the position. Additional information about the Internship Program can be found here.

Link out to job announcement 1

Link out to job announcement 2

Source: USAjobs